TIC-Questionnaire filled online.
Instant income estimates.

No more wasted time pre-screening prospective tenants.

Qualify affordable tenants sooner

Fun for applicants

Prospective tenants are presented with a fun, easy to follow and engaging platform that helps them enter all the information required to qualify for an affordable unit. They will feel like an integral part of your community already.

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Easy for managers

Delayed paperwork and certification are a thing of the past, with TeaCapp! Property managers have the upper hand when they use TeaCapp, with the capability to monitor the qualification process, access rent limits and income limits all at the tips of their fingers. TeaCapp also computes income and assets using various methods as required.

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How do you protect your tax credit investments?

The accurate determination of a household’s income is a fundamental requirement of the IRC Section 42 Low-Income Housing Credit program. Not only is it necessary for identifying households most in need of housing, but the determination must be adequately documented in order for the owner to claim credits.


Follow the progress of an application form in real-time, from beginning to end.

This includes the capability of overseeing each step along the way as well as which user(s) created, verified and audited an application. Everything you need to help you maintain CTCAC compliance requirements.


Are your files 100% insured from an unpredictable on-site disaster?

With TeaCapp you can have the peace of mind knowing that your files are stored and safe. TeaCapp electronically backs up and stores all files to the Cloud, your tax credits are never in jeopardy!


Access certified tenant files remotely from your home or office.

Whenever you want to create a financial model of a property, assess the quality of the tenant files backing your Tax Credit investments, with TeaCapp it is easy. No more sitting on site going through stacks of papers.